Plocan, a boost to the Blue Economy

The objective of the future multifunctional ocean complexes will be to promote and optimize the management of maritime space in coherence with the Blue Economy concept promoted by the European Commission.

Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) is a marine research and technology laboratory funded by the EU, the Spanish Government and the Government of the Canary Islands. Installed 1.5 kilometers from the northeast coast of the island of Gran Canaria, it welcomes teams of scientists working in fields such as biotechnology, renewable energy, and in the study and observation of the ocean.

This initiative contributes to the Blue Economy promoted by the European Commission, which seeks to create employment and wealth in the marine and maritime sectors, in a way that respects the environment. Thus, the research and technologies developed in PLOCAN will eventually reach society in the form of sustainable products and businesses.

One of the new initiatives of PLOCAN is the REDSUB project, an electrical network to support experimentation and testing of new technologies that use marine energy resources to generate electricity and connect technologies for observation at increasing depths. The system consists of predominantly submarine wiring capable of transporting energy to earth up to 15 MW.

TROPOS, the ocean of tomorrow

PLOCAN has led the TROPOS project, co-financed by the European Commission and developed over 36 months in three regions: a tropical one, Taiwan; a subtropical, Canary Islands; and a Mediterranean, Crete.

This initiative has consisted of the design of a multifunctional oceanic complex that integrates the exploitation of oceanic energy resources -especially the wind-, aquaculture, maritime transport related to both sectors and leisure, in three regions.

The TROPOS project was chosen by the European Commission within the framework of The Ocean of Tomorrow program, which proposes "joining research efforts to face the challenges of ocean management" through the development of multifunctional complexes.

TROPOS aims to optimize the use of maritime space, in anticipation of the perspective of global population growth and the current limitation of land space in coastal areas and their subsequent degradation. The program had a financing of 14 million euros, of which 4.9 were for TROPOS.

The objective of these future multifunctional ocean complexes would be to combine different sectors of activity to promote and optimize maritime space management in coherence with the Blue Economy concept promoted by the European Commission.

The complexes would be adapted to deep waters and would allow the exploitation of the oceanic resources and their interrelation with the economy and the environment. TROPOS, promoted by PLOCAN, in addition to energy, aquaculture and transport, introduced leisure as a differentiating element, proposing recreational activities (floating restaurants, sailing, diving ...) and observation of cetaceans and birds.

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