Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recycle medical plastic tubing

That seems to be a really useful thing - the kind of thing that would make a welcome addition to any toolbox. Some ideas of reuse that come to mind: the use of plants for the (gently) and tree stands, wrapped around (and probably glued in place) a management tool to provide some cushioning and I suspect that some intelligent people can use drip irrigation systems for greenhouses or the like.

Could be used to craft items in their own right too: I've seen people making jewelry line statement before, I've been watching the lights hanging recently and saw one of the loops from (although thicker) pipe , and I wonder if it is sufficiently flexible to be used for macramé or crochet / knitting - anyone seen projects that could use lengths of the tubes?

(A word of warning. Apparently, this type of tube will fade (yellow) over time when exposed to ultraviolet (sun) light)

Finally, it is worth that contains the medical supply company to see if he would take back for recycling - if people do, they might be forced to do something.


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