Two Technology Items

As you may know, on May 18th, I attended the Personal Democracy Forum ,an amazing conference which looked at the use of technology in politics and activism and analyzed the way it has effected democracy in the 21st Century. Thanks to my crazy schedule, I'm just now getting a chance to follow-up on some of the interesting websites and services that I learned about at the conference.

First, for those of you following the 2008 Presidential election already, the Personal Democracy Forum gang has launched a site called, which follows the candidates' use of technology in their campaigns. Even more important, there is a six-point Presidential platform called Who will be America's first TechPresident? If you believe that Internet neutrality and WiFi access are important to our country's future, check it out and sign the online petition.

Second, I am starting to adopt Web 2.0 standards for 3r Blogging. Now, if you want to talk about my posts, yell at me or just say hi, you can Skype me at threer3r, text me via AIM at threerliving or email me at I have also added a button at the bottom of every post that allows readers to Digg my posts and I recently subscribed my RSS feed through Feedburner.

Soon, I will be so connected that I will turn into a Borg . Oh well, at least I'll be a green Borg.

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