Recycling out of date contact lens

Due to silver, there are plenty of sites that collect old X-rays for recycling - but many were only prepared for a lot of things (and, indeed, only start paying for them for very large quantities) of hospitals and the like because the amount of silver in each film is negligible. Does anyone know of any companies or organizations that collect small amounts for recycling? Ideally, the different local authorities or by mail.

Other than that, I imagine it would be relatively easy to go from someone reuse for artistic or craft. (You may want to delete any personal identification marks the first.) There are a number for sale on eBay (in the collectibles or section of Science mostly), but if you want to get into that, you can give the waste locally on Freecycle or Gumtree / List of Craig 's.

Does anyone have any specific suggestions for things to do with them?

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